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You Are Exactly Where You Should Be

At my last retreat, we had coloring pages out for one of the creativity activities.  I was lucky enough to find pages that contained quotes that could be colored.  I encouraged the women participants to find a quote that spoke to them to color.  This quote page spoke to me on many levels:

“You are exactly where you should be.”

Notice that the quote does not say that you are where you want to be…only that you are where you SHOULD be.  Isn’t that often the case in life?  Sometimes we don’t see it at the time, but often we are able to recognize, in hindsight, that we were where we needed to be at that particular time in our lives.  Perhaps there was a lesson for us to learn, or people we needed around us for support, or even a place we needed to recognize was not right for us going forward.  Somehow we often find ourselves right where we need to be.

How about you?  Can you identify a time in your life when you felt you were in the wrong “place”?  Looking back, did you find that time was necessary to live through in order to bring peace to your past or to prepare you for what was ahead?


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