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Don’t Stop

“It does not matter how slowly you go

as long as you do not stop”


This is an ancient quote, but it contains some good wisdom.  Often, we are impatient with ourselves for our slow pace.  We are never satisfied with our progress.  We whine that we will never get that degree, move up to the job position that we want, or mend that relationship.  We’re impatient to have what we want NOW, or we decide that it will never happen and we give up trying.  To me, this quote says that any forward motion is good.  Even if it is very slow, it is still moving forward in your life.  Or, you can look at it in the way of another favorite quote of mine…

“Just keep swimming”

(Dori, the fish)

What do you think?  Have you ever given up on an idea, a goal or a relationship because it was taking too long?  Is it possible that you could slow your time table expectations down and accept that any movement toward what you want, however slow, is positive?  Is swimming in life better than treading water?

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