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The Next Right Step

which path to chooseSometimes I feel as if I don’t know the question, much less the answer I am seeking at any given point in my life.

I am a future planner.  Five year plan?  No problem.  Vacation details for spring two years from now?  Probably set.  My challenge is the present moment and remembering that all I need to know is the next right step.  I don’t have to have the entire pathway figured out.  Just the act of reminding myself that all I need to be concerned with is right in front of me is reassuring.

The other thing I’ve figured out through some times of trial in my life is that I already know the answer I am seeking if I take the time to get still….it’s just that it can be hard to hear the answer.  For me, the secret to the next right step is to pause in my journey and take some time to reflect.  It’s more valuable to go inward rather than outward at that time.  Women like to get opinions on choices they are making.  As Glennon Doyle says, “Why should you ask others what to do?  They’ve never been on your unique path.  Why are you asking people for directions to a place they’ve never been?”

When you find yourself with more questions than answers, remember to pause in your life journey. Resist the impulse to call a friend and find a time to get quiet.  Ask yourself, or write down, the questions that are in your head.

Why am I sad?  Angry?  Upset?  Confused?

Give yourself the time, and the space, to hear the answers.  Often they don’t come right away.  Sometimes, you have to ask yourself the questions repeatedly before you begin to hear the whispers.  For most of us, we will have to strain to hear the answer.  After years of neglect and listening to the voice of other people drowning out our voice, it is often hard to hear the whisper that comes.  So pause, and listen – really listen – to the voice that knows you the best.  The inner voice that wants the best for you.  The inner voice you’ve been ignoring in favor of all the strong voices around you that tell you what you should do.  Ask the voice one simple question.

What is the next right step?


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