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It is a new year and a new opportunity to assess where you are in your life’s journey. Are you on the path that you have chosen for yourself, or are you on a path someone else has chosen for you?  Are you living someone else’s dream or your own?  Are the choices you made last year no longer serving you as you enter a new year?

Why not make 2018 the year that you make the choice to walk your own path. A path that may have been whispering to you for a long time but was drowned out by the voices of others, the “shoulds” that shouted at you and the murmurs that you shouldn’t want more than you have now.  Make this the year where your path includes all the things that make your life meaningful.

Where do you start to create the path where your values, your work, your hobbies and relationships support who you are?  You begin by looking to see where your feet are right now.  Are you standing on firm ground that supports your every step, or are you stuck in mud that makes movement difficult? As you plan your new life path, read inspirational books, make space for quiet time and journaling, and check out the writings in my Soul Scribbles blog to help you find your next step.

I can’t promise that the path you choose will be perfect.  There will be inevitable potholes and rocks along the way.  However, I can promise you that an examined life holds more richness and meaning than a journey driven by autopilot.  Every moment of every day gives you an opportunity to do better…to be better…to be more authentically yourself than ever before.

So, as we begin the new year join me in taking a moment to check out what path you’re on and where you’d like to go.  If your soul is crying for a course correction, let New Pathways for Women help you find your way.

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