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Uber Wisdom

I recently planned a short weekend trip to visit my only child, my daughter, who became engaged in January.  We arranged two bridal appointments for a Saturday to look at wedding dresses and have some mother- daughter bonding time.  We booked the appointments and made plans for her to pick me up in the morning at the downtown hotel I was staying at so we could have a relaxed breakfast and talk “wedding dresses” before we met with the bridal consultants. I planned snacks and hydration for the bride and tissues and a camera for the mother of the bride…a.k.a, me!   What we DIDN’T plan on was the St. Patrick’s Day run and parade that closed several streets in downtown Seattle.  We quickly changed the plan, and I headed to the train to go to a further location away from the revelers, so she could pick me up.  I bought my train ticket, and grabbed my phone to text her that I was on my way as the train pulled into the underground station.  My phone was full of text messages and missed phone calls that I should not get on the train, she had a car problem.  Frustrated that there was no cell service in the underground station, I worked my way through the maze of escalators that would lead me outside.  Finally, I reached a service area and my phone was ringing as I started to message her.  She had been on her way to pick me up and her tire had blown.  She was stuck on the side of the road and was having trouble getting AAA since her membership had lapsed.  They wouldn’t take her finance’s, or my, AAA number unless we were at the car.  So, she told me where she was, so I could grab an uber to get to her location with my AAA card.  As our leisurely breakfast evaporated, my next challenge was finding a place the uber could pick me up with all of the closed one way streets in downtown.  Let’s just say that it included many phone calls, running to various locations and finally, a large tip to Elroy, my uber savior, when we finally connected.

As I heaved myself into the uber car, sweating in the cold Seattle wind and apologizing profusely for all the trouble my pick up entailed, Elroy waved his hand at me and turned with a radiant smile.  “Breathe, miss…all will be well.”  He continued to listen patiently as I rattled off my tale of woe about my stranded daughter, the looming bridal appointment and my rising stress level after planning the day so carefully, only to have it falling apart.  “It will be perfect,” Elroy reassured me.  “How could it not be?  You are here to spend the day with your daughter.”  His calm demeanor and his patience and understanding helped me to take a breath.  I realized that he was right.  I was reacting to my plans being changed.  I was not focusing on why I was in Seattle.  I was there to visit and support my daughter, the bride to be.  Even if the bridal appointments were missed, there were more appointments that could be made and more flights available, if needed.  Elroy was right.  Everything would be perfect.  How could it not be?  I was on my way to spend the day with my daughter.

As we turned the corner and found the car with the blown tire, Elroy wished me well as I gratefully pressed cash into his friendly hand.  AAA arrived and arrangements were made for my daughter’s fiance to accompany the tow driver so we could leave in yet another uber.  As we rushed into the bridal salon, disheveled and with minutes to spare, I shared with my daughter the wisdom that I had been given by Elroy.  She laughed and said, “Mom, it’s not the universe giving us a lesson…it’s just plain bad luck!”  I chuckled and looked at my daughter with love, breathing in the perfect day ahead of us.

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