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The World of Facebook

I have a confession to make.  After years of avoidance, my daughter talked me into joining Facebook (after she stopped using it, but that’s another story!).  For years I have avoided any form of technology that I wasn’t forced to do for work or social obligations.  I was ungracious when given an i-pad and a laptop for gifts.  I grumbled at having to learn new technology.  I kept my ancient flip phone until my family pried it out of my low tech fingers!

I have always been a paper and pencil kind of gal.  I don’t even like pens-too much of a commitment.  My ideas flow better on paper, and I like to physically erase rather than hitting a delete button.  If I can avoid the computer, I will happily bypass it.  It is a source of stress and frustration for me (that I understand would be less if I would spend more time and effort learning the various programs and features).

And so, my Facebook membership after years of avoidance.  Except for a short Facebook interlude as a way to keep in touch with my daughter on a Europe trip, I have experienced Facebook from afar as friends shared messages and pictures with me in person.  This actually seemed like the best way to experience social media!  I could visit in person and keep up with other people’s activities online at the same time.  But, eventually I was talked into the positives of staying in touch with Facebook photos and messages.  I was assured that even if I weren’t posting, it was a portal into the world that existed online.  And so, I allowed my daughter to set me up (notice I didn’t figure it out myself-that would have been too big a step!).

Now, I am part of the parallel universe that is Facebook.  I now have more questions than before when I was blissfully ignorant of this other world.  For instance, how do people find the time (and inclination) to do multiple posts in a day?  And, is my life just more boring or is everyone truly having more fun than I am?  Also, how come my selfies look like a futile experience in performance art when other people end up looking like a better version of their real selves?  Or, why do I feel like a bad friend if I’m not checking Facebook once a day?  Am I hurting people’s feelings if I only “like” their post but don’t leave a comment?

As I reread my post, I think I see why I have avoided Facebook for so long.  Now a friend told me I need to be on Instagram…I don’t think I’m ready for that leap, do you??

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