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The Journey of Marriage

After decades of marriage, it is clear to me that marriage is not a destination as much as a journey.  The journey begins at the altar with a clear starting place full of love and vows of commitment. The road ahead seems smooth and full of promise.  But, as with any journey, there are inevitable twists and turns along the way even with the most detailed map:


Detours that come up along the way

Unexpected road closures

Bumps in the road and dirt roads where you don’t expect

GPS that doesn’t work even though you do everything right, you still end up in the wrong place

Arguments over directions even though you both want to go to the same destination

Sometimes you need to stretch and take a break

You can lose your sense of direction even in a familiar location

Sometimes you run out of gas or suffer a breakdown, and you have to rely on faith that all will be ok.

With marriage, as with a journey, it’s always better if you take advantage of unexpected opportunities and places that open up along the way.  Allowing for the space and time for the inevitable experiences that will present themselves will make for a much more enjoyable ride.

Most importantly, it is important to realize that every journey is best if you have someone to share the experience with.  Marriage means grabbing the hand of your loved one and jumping into the car.  Even with the realization that the trip will never go exactly as you have planned, you’re in for a heck of a ride that will teach you more about life, your partner and yourself than you ever thought possible.

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