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No Improvement Needed

Hi, all-

The month of January seems as if it creates ripples of “improvement” all around us.  The t.v. and magazines are full of ways to better ourselves, the gyms are advertising membership deals and the air around us is full of quiet accusations that we need to fix ourselves for the coming new year.  The beginning of the month is full of resolutions that are often abandoned by the end of the month as life interferes with all of our good intentions.  It is a weary circle that replays year after year in many of our lives leaving us feeling worse about ourselves as the days in January pass on the calendar. As we welcome February, I hope that you are not beating yourself up over resolutions that have been abandoned from the new year.


What if we began the year with a different mindset?  What if we ignored the advertisements around us that whisper that no matter who we are, what we weigh, how accomplished we are, what relationship we are -or are not- in, we are not enough. What if we just decided that for the new year,  we were going to accept ourselves just as we are today.  What if we decided that we were not going to listen to, or look at, any consumer attempt to tell us that we are not good enough as we are.  What if we decided to gently embrace ourselves as is, no fixing needed to be worthy of self respect and acceptance.

What if?



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