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A Day at the Beach

Hi, all-

I had the privilege of hosting a one day retreat by the beach recently, Live Your Best Life Now.  On a warm October day, a wonderful group of women gathered at the beautiful Hotel Indigo in Del Mar, California.

We journaled, we shared, we laughed and there might have been a few tears, but we all came away feeling that choosing to give ourselves the gift of a day is very precious.  Rarely, do we as women take the time to really reflect on the life we’re living.

Often, as women we are reactors to everything and everyone around us.  We put out fires and try to take care of everyone else’s needs ahead of our own.  There is such great power (and joy) in spending a day with women who are seeking personal growth in their life.  Women who are willing to share their life wisdom and share experiences.  Women who seek to change a life of reaction to a life of creation.

I hope you take some time before the busy holiday season starts up to take some time for yourself with a friend or alone to search for ways you, too can create the best life for yourself. Check out for ideas to inspire you.  I hope to see you at a retreat or workshop soon!



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