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Listen to the Whispers

Lately, I hear gentle murmurs of life whispers around me.  The quiet messages that tap me on the shoulder as if to say, “Notice me. Pay attention.”

I first noticed the whispers years ago when Oprah talked about them related to health and well being.  She said that your body whispers to you about what it needs, and if you don’t pay attention the whispers become the screams of a full blown health crisis.

That was true in my own life.  Teaching full time, mothering my daughter who wasn’t sleeping, trying to be a good wife, daughter and attending to everyone else’s needs had left me ragged and depleted.  I had a horrible bout of pneumonia and pleurisy that began a pattern of pneumonia hit every one to two years.  Pneumonia came upon me as I depleted by personal reserves time and time again, leaving me literally unable to catch my breath.

Each time, my family and friends would shake their heads in sympathy and disbelief that I had ended up in this state again.  I would take to bed for a few days to cough and gasp breath back into my exhausted body, and then I would drag myself into my regular routines once again, ignoring the whispers that told me I had pushed myself into the danger zone.

The whispers turned into screams the day I found myself in the neurologist’s office looking in disbelief at my MRI showing a large brain tumor.  Weeks of daily radiosurgery to stop the growth of the benign, but potentially fatal, tumor left me weak and fatigued.  The choice to slow myself down had been taken from me.  For months, my body was incapable of quick movement or thought.  My legs waded through the invisible path of cement in front of me, and my mind became enveloped in a foggy mist.  I found it ironic that my body had sent whispers that I needed to balance my life better, and when I didn’t listen, it came up with a way to slow me down that I couldn’t ignore.

Lately, the whispers surround good friends that are dealing with serious health crisis.  I hear the whispers murmuring that I am not heeding the lessons of the past.  I am not listening to my body when it tells me to rest or put myself first.  This time I am determined to listen to the whispers before they become screams.

How about you?  Are you hearing whispers that you need to take better care of yourself?  Is it hard to take time for yourself in a life filled with loved ones, responsibilities and obligations?  If so, consider joining me in my retreat.

Fall Back Into Your Life In Idyllwild, California, October 14-16, 2018

Take some time for yourself!  You’re worth it!  Listen to the whispers and join me…as we explore ways to fill yourself up when you’re depleted.

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