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Holiday Wishes!

As we close out another year, I am overcome with many feelings – along with the pervading holiday stress!

I always feel a mixture of melancholy and circumspect this time of year as I take a mental inventory of the months that have passed. As I pick events to include in our holiday newsletter, I find myself making a mental tally in my head. Did I use this year well? Did I accomplish what I wanted? Was I a good friend, mother, wife and daughter? Inevitably, I can find myself lacking in some areas as I berate myself for my perceived failings. This year I am working hard to reframe my yearly internal inventory.

I believe the most important conversation is the one I have with myself. Did I take time for myself? Did I say more yeses to activities that fill me up and less to those that deplete me? Did I take time for joy? Did my to do list include time to laugh? To be still? To notice the moments that make up the days that have filled this year?

Here’s hoping that in the busyness of the end of the year and the holiday season, you take some time for yourself. Time to savor all that has been – and all that is yet to be.

My end of the year wish for you is that you are able to make time for one more conversation in 2017. The most important conversation of the year…the conversation you have with yourself.


The retreat for April 20-22, 2018 is SOLD OUT.  A new retreat for the fall of 2018 is being planned now. More information coming soon!

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