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January is past and so are many of the resolutions that we made at the beginning of the year.  Often, this is the month that people become discouraged about the lack of change that they have been unable to commit to in their daily routine.

I learned an important concept on the Oprah cruise I was lucky enough to attend this past summer (actually, I learned a lot of important concepts on the cruise – but those are for another newsletter!).  I discovered that the words REACTOR and CREATOR have the same letters but very different meanings.  I know that I tend to be more of a reactor in my own life.  I react to situations, putting out fires and enthusiastically pumping water into relationships when necessary.  The idea about being a CREATOR in my own life is vastly different.  I don’t want to be just reacting to the life that swirls around me.  I want to create my own life.

The challenge is how to take those very same letters and rearrange them so that you are showing up for yourself in creating the life that you choose.  For me, that means journaling time – my favorite way of processing my thoughts.
1)  First, I identified what is working in my life and what is not.  I resolved that it was time to let go of what was no longer serving me.
2)  Next, I identified what I needed more of in my life.  I looked at my relationships, my daily activities, my work and my hobbies.  I didn’t focus on what I wanted less of…I only looked at what I wanted more of in my days.
3)  Every day, I resolved to do one small thing toward what I wanted.
For example, if you want a better relationship with your partner; you could send a nice text or compliment them in person, you could plan a date night or you could write a nice note.
If you want a career change, you could spend fifteen minutes a day researching new companies, checking into classes or networking with people in your chosen field.
If you want more time with friends, you could spend a few minutes setting up a coffee date, planning to meet for a walk or just chatting a few minutes on the phone.
If you want better health, you could take a daily walk or take the stairs, plan a healthy meal or check out some exercise classes in your area.

You get the idea.  Just taking a few minutes a day to CREATE what you want in your life can make a big difference in moving toward the life that you want.  So, what do you say?  Is this the year that you’re going to join me in rearranging the letters and being a CREATOR rather than a REACTOR?!

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