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Be Grateful for What You Have

Hi, all-

As we get closer to Thanksgiving, a holiday that is associated with blessings and gratitude, I have been thinking a lot about the abundance I have in my life.

So often I find myself focusing on what I lack in my life.  I can end up ruminating about a lack of material things (I have more than I need), money (I am financially secure), relationships (I am blessed with many friends and family in my life), or even what I perceive to be lacking in myself (even though I know I give my best efforts and never intentionally try to cause harm in anything I do).

I accept that it is my personality to see the glass as half empty rather than half full, and my perfectionistic nature always whispers in my ear (especially when I am stressed or tired)  that I should be striving for more, but I am really making an effort to focus my attention on the abundance I have in my life.  How about you?  At this time of year, care to join me in taking a moment to breathe in gratitude for all we take for granted everyday?

With gratitude that you’re here,


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