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Another Holiday Season

Hi, all-

Here we are in another holiday season.  It’s the time of the year for me when the days speed up and the to do list seems to lengthen by the minute.  Even though I don’t have young children in the household, this season always seems to be filled with more “shoulds” than “would like to’s”.  This year I am intentionally trying to slow down, do less and appreciate more.  That is easier said than done in this commercial time of excess.  When Costco has been advertising Christmas since September, and when the calendar has had social events added since October it is easy to feel my stomach tightening and telling me I am behind before the season has officially begun.  

This year, my intention is that I mindfully choose how I spend my time for the season.  I love connecting with family and friends so that will be high on my list, but cooking not so much – takeout, here I come!  I love decorating the inside of the house, but injuries make it hard for my husband to do the outside, so I’m letting that go this year.  I love to shop, but I hate the holiday crowds so I’m going to focus on thoughtful gifts rather than an excess of packages.  I love to zone out with t.v., but I want to focus on the positive in life rather than the negative.  I’m DVRing some feel good holiday movies and forgoing the political drama for a holiday reprieve.

Most of all, I’m not going to let the busyness of the season crowd out my feeling of gratitude for the people and events that have blessed my life this year.  Even the hard moments have brought needed lessons in grace, acceptance and patience to my OCD personality.  Yes, this is the season of the year for holiday celebrations, but it is also an opportunity to slow down and notice all that the year has taught us.

Wishing you and yours a joyous- and thoughtful- season.



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