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A New Chapter and a New Decade

I had a big birthday this summer, one of those omg, decade birthdays that make you stop to catch your breath.  Usually, I am not the type of person that is really thrown by a birthday that ends in zero, but, I must confess, the big 6-0 caught my attention.

I have wonderful friends that made sure my birthday was celebrated in style all month long, and I had a blast with all of the festivities.  I am beyond grateful to have the privilege of reaching this age.  I have friends who passed before this age, and I have had health challenges that made me unsure that my next birthday was a given.  So, what was the problem with this birthday?

I think that this birthday signifies the ending of middle age…unless a new medical advance in the coming year allows people to live to 120!  It feels like a rite of passage, like adolescence to adulthood or young adulthood to middle age.  This birthday has caused me to be reflective about the years that have passed and the years that are in front of me.

I have decided that I am in another season of endings and beginnings.  I am closing the chapter on my career years with retirement and active motherhood with our daughter getting married and starting her own family.  I am writing the introduction to the next chapter in my life.  This chapter is about intentional choice, and how I want to live the next season of my life.  Just as in adolescence, this time is both scary and exciting at the same time, as I look at blank pages waiting to be filled.

However, as we know, often the book gets most exciting two thirds of the way into the story.  That’s when the exciting twist you never saw happening comes!  I am going to breathe my way into the writing of the next chapter and enjoy the book as it unfolds in my life.

(Is it pessimistic of me to hope the twist does not include the main character being emotionally or physically destroyed??)

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