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A Life Well Lived by Lisa Leonard

There are wins and losses.

There are triumphs and sorrows.

There are moments when everything aligns and runs smoothly.

But most of the time, the to-do lists are long and unfinished at the end of the day.

What’s working?  Do more of that.

What’s not working?  Do less of that.

Admit you’re not perfect.

Forgive yourself.

Forgive others.

Throw yourself into loving with your whole heart, and don’t forget to love your own heart too.

In moments of sadness, find a quiet spot where tears can flow.

In moments of happiness, belly laughs without apology.

When anger courses through your veins, don’t push it down.  Look it in the eye.  Let it out with screams and shouts.  Then let it go.

Take time for reflection.  Time to be and not to do.  Time for quiet.

Live in the moment, refusing to dwell on the past, refusing to worry about the future.

Be brave; speak your truth.

Let it be messy; let it be beautiful.

Soak it up.

This is a life well lived.


 A lot of this poem speaks to me, but especially the lines:

“What’s working?  Do more of that.  What’s not working?  Do less of that.”  There is such wisdom in the simplicity of those two lines.  What if we only reflected on following those two pieces of advice to live our best lives?

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