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A Box of New Crayons

September has begun and the supply stores are emptied of new crayons in sharp, rainbow colors and empty spiral notebooks waiting to be filled.  Children in brand new school outfits, still sharply creased, wait anxiously at bus stops in the early morning hours of neighborhoods around the country.  The weather is still warm, but there is a promise of fall in the air as a new school year begins.

As a retired elementary teacher, I have always viewed the start of a new school year as the real beginning of the year.  My calendars have always reflected the academic year, rather than the calendar year starting in January.  The beginning of the new school year has always held such promise for me.  The chance of new possibilities and new beginnings in a freshly cleaned classroom with new students.  I loved the time before school began when I would put up new bulletin boards, sharpen pencils, arrange desks and dream of the new class I would soon be teaching.  The year stretched before me, new and full of promise.

Every September was a chance to do things differently and meet the needs of a new classroom of students.  It is not unlike life, where every day we have a chance to experience September for ourselves.  Each day presents an opportunity for us to evaluate where we are in our lives and where we want to go.  The dawn breaks with a fresh start for all of us.

If you are yearning for a fresh start, check out my October 14-16, 2018 retreat in Idyllwild, California.  It is a chance to fall back into your life and discover new ways to nourish yourself and invigorate your everyday life.  I would love to have you join me as we take a short break from taking care of everyone else and focus on ourselves for a short time in the crisp mountain air of a new fall….and, if you can’t get away right now, I highly recommend buying a box of brand new crayons for yourself:)

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