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Lessons From a Zip Line

I stared into the green canopy of the rain forest beneath me and muttered,  “Courage is being afraid and doing it anyway,”  and then I stepped into the abyss…

So went my first experience with zip lining on a recent trip to Costa Rica.  In my defense, I’ve always had a bit of an aversion to heights and have passed up opportunities to ride in a hot air balloon or perch on precarious peaks to enjoy stunning views.  However, I knew when we booked the trip to Costa Rica that I was going to zip line.  I was not going to miss the experience of gliding above the rain forest with the wind in my face.

I learned many lessons as I faced my zip lining fears that day.  I learned that remembering to breathe when you’re panicked really does help you calm down and be more mindful.  I learned that everybody fears looking foolish when they try something outside of their comfort zone.  I learned that accepting help from others, as well as sharing your fears, can make a challenging experience easier. The most important lesson that I learned during my time dangling from the cable high above the rain forest canopy was that, just as in life, sometimes you need to just hang on and enjoy the ride!

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