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I recently had the opportunity to lead a women’s workshop (Create Your Next Chapter) in San Francisco.  It was part of an all day program where women were able to participate in both large group and small group activities as part of the daily gathering.  I was able to be both a participant in the large group activities and a leader of one of the small group workshops.

I am struck anew every time I am privileged to be part of a group of women about the similarities we share as women and the unique energy that comes from having women gather together.  As women, we share the desire to not only lead our own best life, but to honor the relationships in our lives.  We share the burdens of multitasking the roles of daughters, wives, mothers, employees, etc.  We struggle to juggle and meet everyone’s needs, and yet we hunger to honor our own life paths and find meaning in the struggle.

I was honored to be able to meet women from so many walks of life who had gathered together in celebration of a special woman and to take time from the busyness of life to open their hearts and minds to a gathering of women.  It was a special day filled with sharing, insights and lots of laughter as we found our commonalities and met new friends.

It is amazing how quickly a group of women who have not previously met each other can bond over shared life experiences and find wisdom and solace in the sisterhood that surrounds us every day.  If you have never had the opportunity to join a women’s gathering, I urge you to start your own.  Gather up some like minded friends-and friends of friends-and find a time you can meet in a quiet spot. Share the successes and challenges that are going on in your life and savor the support that will envelop you. It is amazing to share the camaraderie of fellow women as we navigate our life’s paths.  The circle of women I experienced in San Francisco may be over, but I still feel the glow of the experience.  There is nothing like other women to help you as you attempt to transition into new life stages. Thank you, San Francisco and Ilene!!

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