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Not Sick, Just Tired

Sometimes, I’m just…tired.  Not bored, not depressed, just tired.  Living a life these days can be exhausting.  Taking care of kids, a spouse, a house, work, bills, pets, neighbors, friends, school, church, groceries, laundry, the yard, parents, exercise, hobbies – not to mention the time it takes to shower and make oneself presentable.  Well, just writing the list is exhausting.

I’ve found that when I’m overwhelmed, and the daily list bleeds into the weeks and months that follow, and my blood pressure climbs and my breath starts coming in shallow bursts, it is a sign that I need to do less – not more.  Even though my brain says it’s time to switch to hyperdrive and plow through the items that have piled on my to do list, if I listen to the whispers that ripple quietly beneath the frantic shouts that pour above, like a forceful tide on the quiet sand, the whispers tell me to slow down. Pause.  Take a break.  Oftentimes I treat myself like a malfunctioning machine.  I berate myself for not keeping up with the self imposed demands and lists that my life generates.  And it can make me….tired.

So, just for today, I think I’ll put the list aside, put my feet up and give myself permission to take an adult time out.   So, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll close – and take a nap.

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