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Downsizing Life

In my early years, I longed for more….a bigger place to live, more furniture, bigger cars and more clothes to fill my closet.  As a young adult I focused on the more in life.  Now, as I navigate the downward hill of my mid life journey, I’ve noticed that my perspective has changed over the years.  Instead of more, I want less…

The excess in life feels like clutter to me -a burden to carry instead of the joy of accumulation.  I find myself looking for excuses to purge what no longer works for me at this stage in my life.  The big house has been downsized as the nest emptied to a just right size house with just the right amount of furniture.  The closet has been edited (although my husband would disagree!), and the new kitchen cabinets hold only the utensils and gadgets I actually use.  The large pool has been downsized to a spa to soak aging muscles….with a lot of shade to alleviate skin cancer concerns.

Surprisingly, the downsizing has not caused any feeling of loss or deprivation.  Instead, it feels freeing to be relieved of the burden of excess.  But, more than that, it is freeing to be relieved of the feeling of WANTING more and bigger.  As I have passed through the stages of life, I am more focused on the inner want that calls to me.  I listen to the yearning for experiences over stuff, and relationships over possessions.  Surprisingly, the downsizing in my life has led to an “upsizing” in the way I live.  That feeling is large!

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