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Rainy Day Bliss in Retirement

I woke up recently to the sound of rain pattering outside my bedroom window.  For a moment, my stomach clenched, and my mind automatically scanned for the day’s schedule for my classroom and rainy day games that would fit in.  Then, I remembered…I’m retired.  I sank back into the pillows and deeply sighed in contentment.

As an elementary teacher, rain signals long classroom hours with the cooped up energy of young children eager to get outside.  You need to be creative to harness that energy for classroom lessons and provide opportunities for pent up energy to be expelled in classroom games and activities.  It also means that while the children’s energy increases during the day, the teacher’s energy is depleted as the three room circus that is the job of an elementary teacher becomes a constant juggling act with no breaks!  (and, yes, no breaks means that bathroom breaks are when you can get the teacher next door to run back and forth between classrooms to crack the ringmaster whip while you run to the bathroom!)

Ah, the bliss of waking up to the rain and realizing that all it means is that the plants are getting a much needed drink, and if I decide to venture out I might need an umbrella.  It is not my responsibility to herd, entertain, and oh-teach!  Ah, the bliss of a rainy day in retirement:)

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