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You’ll Always Be My Baby

My baby just had her tonsils out.  I should preface this writing with the information that my baby is twenty five years old, self supporting and living in another state.  But when she called with the news that her neverending strep infections since December were requiring her to get her tonsils out as soon as possible, I went into mother bear mode.  I immediately made arrangements to fly to Seattle and oversee her first surgery since she had her wisdom teeth out as a teenager.  I went shopping for popsicles and jello, cleaned her condo in a frenzy of pre-surgery anxiety, and held her hand before and after the surgery.  Have you heard that tonsils are worse to get out as an adult?  Well, it’s true…and it’s especially true if you have highly inflamed, infected tonsils.  My poor baby has had a terrible week of working to swallow the slightest liquid while her rumbling stomach begs for real food (that seems a long way off!) I feel so badly for her suffering – and yet, I am oddly aware of the fleeting opportunity I have had this week to mother my baby. I have dispensed pain meds, popsicles and ice chips.  We have spent quiet time (hurts her to talk!) watching T.V., Netflix and playing cards.  We have had many conversations via texting while sitting next to each other on the couch. It’s been a terrible week…and yet, I haven’t felt this much like a mother in years.  I hope my baby gets better soon, but I hope she never stops needing her mother.

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