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Wisdom of the Birds

I’m sitting outside on our patio listening to the birds singing and watching them splash in the bird fountain relishing in the February heat wave that has kept San Diego in the 80s off and on for most of the month.  I am struck by their ability to make the most of the moment.  They are not spending time questioning why the month of February (usually rainy and cool in our area) is unusually warm.  They are not sitting in sheltered areas just in case the weather decides to revert to its usual pattern.  No, they are happily embracing where they find themselves in the moment.  Singing, splashing and flitting around the early blooming flowers with abandonment.

Wouldn’t it be great to be more like the birds?  I envy their ability to live in the moment-without regard for the regrets of yesterday or the fears of tomorrow.  We waste so much time ruminating over things that cannot be changed, words that can’t be unsaid, actions long since apologized for…and we harbor fears about what tomorrow will bring long before it has faced us.  So often we don’t fully take in the moments that lay before us-the quiet mornings with a cup of tea, the evening spent with a good book, the casual dinner with friends or family.  We are so busy planning the next day’s to do list that we forget to do what is most important…live the moment.

For today, I’m going to follow the wisdom of the birds and enjoy an unusually warm February afternoon.  I’m going to cherish the winter treat that global warning, El Nino or whatever has bestowed upon San Diego.  I am fixing my ice tea, kicking my shoes off, watching the splashing in the bird bath and listening to the chirping sounds of contentment.  Sounds like a pretty good way to spend the afternoon, don’t you think?


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