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Friendship is an interesting phenomena-similar to a romantic relationship.  What causes two people to “click” and feel joined on a similar path?  Common interests?  Common values?  Shared sense of humor or seriousness?  A way of looking at the world?

However it comes about, a true friendship is a rare gift.  The knowledge that you are not alone in the world, that someone else has your back and wants nothing more than your friendship in return.  That is a wondrous thing.

I am fortunate enough to have a few long standing friends (that knew me as a child, and even though we may be geographically separated, a phone call or a visit finds us as if no time has come between us), as well as my “present” friends-people who know me well enough to celebrate my jobs and successes without envy, and know me well enough to show up at my door with kleenex and concern (and occasionally, wine!) even though I have assured them I am fine.

Life would truly be a barren journey without friends-the people who pick us up when we’re down, laugh and cry with us, share our joys and disappointments and provide a sounding board for our innermost thoughts.

In this month of Valentine’s Day and the celebration of love, I’d like to send a huge hug to all the friends out there (mine and yours). You are needed and appreciated more than you know.  You are a gift and a blessing.  There are many things in life that are unnecessary, but a friend is not one of them!


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