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New Year’s Resolution

Happy 2016!

It occurs to me that I have often started a new year with thoughts of deprivation.  I am going to eat less, I am going curb my impatience, I am going to stop being a couch potato…my resolutions are all about stopping myself from impulses and habits I want to control (I should also mention I want to stop being so controlling!)

I want this year to be different.  Instead of starting the year with thoughts of deprivation, I am going to strive toward inspiration.  I want to add to my life instead of taking away from it.  Mid life is full of loss…the loss of youth, possibly health, loss of parents and friends…why would I want to add to that loss?  

*This year I resolve to focus on inspiration and new experiences and challenges.

* I resolve to look toward the future instead of fixating on the past.

*I resolve to say no to commitments and activities that will not fulfill me, and stay open to new opportunities that whisper in my ear.

*I resolve to exercise to make my body stronger and add to my life, instead of for vanity and the way it makes me (or the scale!) look.

*I resolve to eat more mindfully and enjoy my choices, instead of feeling badly about grabbing easy, quick foods.

*I resolve to read more inspirational books and articles that will uplift me.

*I resolve to practice gratitude daily to help me live more mindfully.


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