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In Pursuit of Clouds

Stories and Lessons Learned from a Life Lived on the Ground

By Deanna Bates

Available here to purchase on Amazon


Our lives are our classroom. Our stories, the teacher.

Part memoir and part self help book, “In Pursuit of Clouds” identifies life lessons learned from the stories of an ordinary life that becomes extraordinary in the telling.

In Pursuit of Clouds by Deanna Bates. A book for women.Excerpt from “In Pursuit of Clouds”

“Have you ever had one of those moments that caused you to reassess your life? Maybe you lost someone close to you, or your spouse filed for divorce, or your child got hurt. In my case, it was the day I was told that I had a brain tumor. The doctor droned on giving me medical details, but my mind froze, focused on my MRI. There was no mistaking the large white blob that cast a glow against the dark recesses of my brain. The only coherent thought I had was that I had crossed a line. Nothing in my life would ever be the same again. My life would be divided into two segments; before the tumor and after the tumor.

During the dark and blurry weeks that followed, filled with doctors, tests and weeks of radiation, I found myself thinking back over my life. Maybe it was a way to deal with my threatened mortality, a way to look for meaning. Maybe it was just a way to fill the time, but I reflected back on my life.

In any case, this was my mid-life crisis. It didn’t come in the form of an affair, a face-life, or a red sports car. It came via a 2.2 centimeter brain tumor diagnosed at age 46. During the time it was too frightening to look forward, my mind traveled backwards over the stories of my life.”

Available here to purchase on Amazon

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