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Nice to meet you…

Nice to meet you…

If you’re still reading…or, even better, if you’ve come back to my site, I suppose the polite thing to do would be to introduce myself.  I’m going to be optimistic-not my usual style-and hope I am connecting with new, soon to be friends and fellow travelers on the journey of life. My name is Deanna… Continue >>>



If a life story begins with a breath, a walking journey begins with a step, and a writing blog begins with a word….what is my word? Hello seems trite (you had me at hello?).  Hola is not appropriate (since I’m not Hispanic, although I do live in San Diego where a lot of Spanish is… Continue >>>

“It is a beautiful thing to learn from you-and with you- and be witness to the inspiration and support you are to the ever widening circle of women who come into your life.” (Ilene)

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