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About Deanna

Deanna Bates is a trained retreat facilitator, inspirational speaker and author who has facilitated retreats and workshops and spoken to numerous women’s groups about personal growth.

In Pursuit of Clouds by Deanna Bates. A book for women.Deanna Bates, Women's Workshop FacilitatorDeanna is the author of “In Pursuit of Clouds: Stories and Lessons Learned from a Life Lived on the Ground”, a compilation of essays and poems written after a diagnosis of a brain tumor left her searching for the meaning, and the next pathway, in her life.

Deanna’s commitment to helping women with living their best lives started when she pursued a BA in Psychology, and continued as a dream after she chose to obtain her MA in Education and begin her 31 year career as an educator. Once retired, she renewed her dream by publishing her book and becoming a trained retreat facilitator through Sedona Women’s Institute.

She reaches women who are searching for meaning or undergoing transitions of change in their lives in her 1-1 mentoring, workshops, retreats and public speaking, as well as her book and newsletters.

Deanna has traveled many personal pathways in her life including marriage, infertility, adoptive motherhood, health crisis, empty nest, caretaker for elderly parents, job changes and retirement. She knows what it’s like to be unsure of your next step. She has found that like minded women coming together have great power to evoke change and meaning in their lives.

This weekend provided a safe place to reflect on ourselves and what to do to get back on track.”  (Nilou)

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