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New Pathways for Women is committed to helping women recognize and fulfill their dreams and navigate life’s transitions by providing contemplative experiences to help women discover their unique paths in life.

We believe that we, as women, have the wisdom to answer our own life questions if we take the time to reflect and tap into our own insight and life wisdom.

We’ll provide inspiration and encouragement for you to find the answers you seek to the questions in your life as you journey on your own life path.

We know that personal growth takes courage, support and the understanding that you are not alone. Women before you have traveled the pathways and left pebbles of wisdom and inspiration to help guide you.

We seek to provide a reflective pause, through newsletters, retreats, workshops, and mentoring, in the busyness of your life to allow you to take a breath on your life journey and examine the pathways that lay before you.

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“Such a delightful, well prepared and compassionate facilitator!”  (Karen)

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“You don’t have to set yourself on fire to keep others warm.” (by Jay Shetty – Podcast) This phrase stayed with me after a friend sent me a podcast clip.  As a recovering over helper, I often feel compelled to put aside my own needs to attend to the needs of others…often, at my own expense.… Keep Reading >>>

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Live YOUR Best Life Now Retreat

Live YOUR Best Life Now Retreat

Have you put off living your best life for someday?  You know, you’re waiting for when the kids are grown, when you find the perfect job, when you’re retired, or? CREATE THE LIFE YOU DESIRE – NOW, INSTEAD OF SOMEDAY! Join trained retreat facilitator, Deanna Bates, for a day of transformation by the beach at… Keep Reading >>>

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